Saturday, January 29, 2011

not to worry

I chimed in with Dietmar, Tony, Katrina, Lora, Phil, Donna, and Marie. "I'm alive and well and at the CAO." Dietmar said he saw my tracks on the camera.


It was an easy drive from Toronto. The only glitch during the trip was that the iPod didn't work or charge in the rental car! Bad fuse? I was not inclined the check it.

When I continued west from Stayner, I found no one on the road... Quiet. Peaceful. Parked at the Clarity Stables. Cliff had cleared the lot for me.

The snow was deeper in the field than last year. That made snow shoes definitely helpful. I photographed the long icicles on west edge of the roof as I hiked in. There was a lot of snow at the south ramp and door. I needed a shovel for the shovel!


I checked the Davis weather station in short order. And found it to be working. Perhaps the computer server had crashed. But when I checked the server, I found everything looked fine. The software was running and there were no communication errors. Huh. Maybe an uploading problem?

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