Monday, January 10, 2011

morning walk planets (Toronto)

Spotted Venus bright and high from the kitchen window. Wondered if I would be able to see Mercury during my walk to the subway...

Southbound on Beresford, I still had houses and trees to contend with. At one point, where someone had lost their big old tree, I had a clear shot at the south-eastern sky. But I still could not tag the inner planet. (Turns out it was only 9° above the horizon.)

Enjoyed Saturn to the south-west. Very high, up and to the right of a star. Saturn was a pale tan colour, steady; Spica was bluish-white below.

Then as I cut through the parkette, I caught something faint out of the corner of my eye. Below Venus, almost directly below, was a twinkling object. About 10 degrees away. No... that can't be it. (Nope, not Mercury; it was Antares.)

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