Sunday, January 23, 2011

completed TLAO lists

After an encouraging prompt from Greg, I built new and improved SkyTools observing lists for each seasonal list, as well as the southern hemisphere list, from the Turn Left At Orion book.

On my first attempt at the winter list, I provided the rating (1 to 5, or none) of the main objects. This time I included more information that I hadn't seen any of the other lists but that I thought would prove useful, given the source material.
  • a title with a version number, e.g. "(v2)"
  • a full description with references to the book and its edition, the book's authors, the notes/group with ratings, the revision date, my name, and my contact info
  • for each object, I included brief notes, encapsulating the best sky condition, recommended equipment, and page number in the book
Greg helped me with some missing items from the southern targets, a few NGCs of small objects in the Magellanic Clouds.

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