Tuesday, January 04, 2011

tested new group design

Created a group in Facebook to explore the new group design features, like chat. Invited a bunch of people to play.

The group chat works great! It would be awesome for things like RASC Toronto Centre observing events, etc. But I learned that it is removed if the group gains more than 250 members. I don't think that will be an issue for a private or members-only group.

There is still an issue with photos. Albums cannot be created for some reason therefore all uploaded photos go into one pile. Messy. I also learned that there's a maximum limit in the neighbourhood of 120 photos. That's no good.

A public, open group might be an issue for the Centre. Even with moderated content, inappropriate messages can still appear for some time. And even when deleted, it takes a while to cascade delete to individual's pages.

Finally, as Sharmin tested features on the road with her iPhone, she found she could not participate in the group chat or access videos.

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