Sunday, January 09, 2011

members observing (Toronto)

Woo hoo. Some RASC Toronto Centre members are observing!

After Phil sent his note, "Hey, it’s clear for observing tonight!", I told people that I had just tried to spot the ISS flyover to the north at 5:07 without success. I reminded people that there was another due at 6:42. And closed with a note that a crescent Moon would be close to Jupiter.

I saw, on Facebook, that Katrina had spotted the ISS. Andy appreciated the tip. Grace said that the Moon and Jupiter were "amazing."

Ah. Poor point-and-shoot can't focus through glass.

Just as I viewed that message at around 9:30, something bright caught my eye out the west window: Luna! I leaned a bit to the right and spotted Jupiter. Sweet. Measured the separation with my hand. More than 4 fingers but less than a fist. Looks like about 8 degrees. (Confirmed: Stellarium says 7° 54".)

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