Monday, January 17, 2011

camera works (Toronto)

The StellaCam3 camera is working. I'm seeing an image on the little monitor. Wow.

Wanted to use M42 as my test target but it went behind the tree. Then considered Pleiades; can't even see it. So I used Castor.

I can see that focusing will be a challenge. Currently, the Celestron 26mm eyepiece is in the long shaft and the focus amount is not the same. I tried moving the eyepiece out a little and it got worse. I'll have to try removing one of the extension tubes. But I have a feeling that will be too short.

Played with the gamma, gain, and integration. Neat!

I'll try recording it...


The image shows Castor in the centre, of course. North is right; east is up. The star to the left (south) of Castor is the C component while the star below (south-west) is the D. Seeing mag 11 and 12 stars.

This was captured with an integration setting... But I did not note which.


Heeeey. Could measure separation and position angles!


Wikipedia link: Castor star.

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