Saturday, October 01, 2022

spotted Stellarium 1.0!

Holy Universe!

Stellarium 1.0 is out!

one point zero version of Stellarium

On receiving a message from GitHub about the latest release, as part of the Remote Control plug-in issue I raised, I surfed into the Stellarium web site.

Lots of interesting remarks in the 1.0 release notes.

Look at that.

No longer beta... Wow.

Pinged Chris V right away.

Will advise the instructors. There will be training impacts...

Will inform the people in the Stellarium Google Classroom...



Downloaded the 64-bit release for some quick testing. Looks like bookmarks are back--woo hoo! That's been an issue since February...

Waiting for the 32-bit compile to try telescope control.


Tested the Remote Control plug-in. The search feature in the Selection tab works! They corrected the bug I reported in mid-August. Yeh. 


Might have found a bug! Installed the 32-bit version so to maintain compatibility with the ASCOM mount driver for the Vixen-GoToStar system. Cannot add a new telescope-mount profile! The OK button reacts, it changes colour, but it does not close the window nor save the changes. Gar!

It also fails in the 64-bit version! Nooooo...


Bookmarks are definitely back. Successfully tested most of the bookmarks "observing lists" files that Chris and I made in the summer of 2021. Also tested the various The Sky This Month bookmarks files with dates in them. Our old hacked JSON files are tolerated. Very happy.

However, one fly in the ointment remains. The Astro Calc component still only exports XLSX and CSV files. The older versions could output JSON that you could then loop into a bookmarks list. That means the WUT cannot be used as a generator...


Noted some chatter on Cloudy Nights about bugs in the Telescope Control and that they were working on it. Inauspicious. 

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