Tuesday, October 18, 2022

being patient

Asked a week or so ago what was up with SkyNews magazine delivery.

I was feeling like I was missing it... Hadn't seen one for a while....

Posted on the RASC national forum. A couple of other members commiserated with me. One reported receiving the September-October issue some time back but nothing since.

We were advised of changes on the printing/shipping side of things. OK. Yes. Thanks for updating us on things in the background.

Then Mr Edgar said, "Patience."

I pointed out I was being patient.

nearly empty

Don't like his passive-aggression. It ain't right.

And I don't recall seeing in all of that back-and-forth an updated prediction. But then I've often accused some of the higher-ups that they have a bad habit of viewing things through rose-coloured filters...

Just checked my blog. Received my Sep/Oct SkyNews (comps) on 4 August. Reported that datum point.

So if the first week one-month-out is the normal arrival time, we're two weeks late.

Not my imagination.


Sis said...

I assume you changed your address 😏

bla said...

Yes, I did.

Unknown said...

We haven’t gotten ours yet either. Will let you know when we do.