Saturday, October 15, 2022

now lots of room

Finally have 'em in my hot little hands.

Received some b-day cash from my sis and bro. Decided to put it toward some new, larger memory cards for the DSLR.

I had maxed out my two 16 GB cards back in May...

Checked the usual suspects for deals. Not seeing anything, I asked Google for a list of local camera stores. On Canada Camera's web site, I spotted Lexar Pro Compact Flash 64 GB memory cards on sale.

Into the e-shopping cart I went. Ordered two units, saving $70 (and they waived the shipping charge).

Hold on... Looking ahead, I pinged the store saying I wasn't going to be around to receive the items over the next few days (while at Southlake). I was worried about parcel pirates. So they paused the shipping. They said, no worries.

Early this week, I told them to go ahead. They acknowledged and a follow-up email said to expect delivery by Canada Post on Friday, before end-of-business. Woo hoo!

Well, Friday came and went without a knock on the door. Hmph.

After work duties, I checked my email. Ah. A message from CPC. A notification card had been left. Huh? Really? Where? Nothing on my door. Headed to the lobby and checked my private mailbox. There it was, the delivery card. 

I guess the Queen's Post (correction, King's Post) paid union worker can't manage the four short flights of stairs to the third floor... Grrr.

The card said that I could pick up at the local SDM post office on "the next business day after 1300 hours." Monday. Blah. I'd have to hold my horses.

But then I received another email. "Package ready for pickup." Oh ho. Wasn't expecting that. Nice.

So I quickly added to the shopping list I had prepared. 

Mom and I met up late Friday to get some good deals and stock the cupboards. But half-way through the grocery and supplies run, I was in great discomfort. The back pain had returned and was building. Was it the "pain flare" they warned me about? We decided the scratch the rest, deferring to Saturday. Shop 'til you drop, indeed.

I'd have to wait one more day...

It was not actually a bad thing. Mom and I started out early today with Shoppers as the first pit stop. Showed my ID and signed the digital pad and received my bubble wrap package. Yeh! Then cashed in on some Saturday-only deals at SDM.

Back home a couple of hours later, I unboxed and grabbed the camera. Popped each new CF card in the 40D and formatted it.

Good to go.

Four times the space of the previous. 

Should be able to do some long-run time-lapse campaigns now...

I thanked my sis and bro again.

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Unknown said...

So sorry to hear you are struggling with pain. I hope you can get it u dear control.