Tuesday, October 25, 2022

asked for date and photos

For the sake of completeness, I show a message I sent.

I was seeking information, and imagery, for our new observing certificate pins. I had just learned that they had been received. Up to that point, we didn't know the status of the order. In fact, the last I heard, the manufacturer was waiting for us to confirm the proofing document.

Also, I had been asked if the pins should be sent to me! Ah, no. This meant the person was not familiar overall with the certificate handling process!

I've redacted a couple of lines... but this gives the gist...


Subject:  Re:  update please
Date:  2022-10-25 12:32
From:  Blake N
To:  (national office staffer--paid staffer...)

Oh.  OK.  Good to know [they arrived].  My last impression was that it was waiting on my for something, a final confirmation.

When did they arrive?

Do the new Moon pins look/feel the same as the old?  Different manufacturer, right, but I'm hoping they are effectively the same.

Can you take a photograph of the old and new Moon pin for me?

Can you also photograph the new Double Stars pin?

Then I'll have a sense of how things worked out.

I don't think you need to worry further on these pins.  They should go with all the others at national office.  Samantha normally does the certificate processing upon my directions.  I tell her, "Send a cert and pin to this person," and off it goes.

Again, please send me images so the Observing Committee can see our new hardware.


(sent via roundcube webmail)


I did this to reinforce my old-man memory and what I asked for. To make sure I'm not crazy.

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