Wednesday, October 26, 2022

received SkyNews for Nov-Dec!

Morning ritual: check the RASC forums. This requires connecting via the web. That's because I have not enabled email delivery from the main forum. And that's because, after about two years now, the backwards software developer still has not implemented digest mode.

Checked the thread I initiated on the magazine delivery timing. Spotted a new note. A member reported receipt of the Nov/Dec issue of SkyNews. As well as their Observer's Handbook.

Oh. That meant it was in the hands of Canada Post then...

Checked my mailbox.

Holy Universe, a new SkyNews issue! Woo hoo.

cover of Nov-Dec SkyNews

That's symbolic also, that my new address is in the system. And working. I was completely expecting a screw-up there. Shows you my confidence level...

The formatting is wrong in the address. Sheesh. After all the time I spent teaching national office staff the official Canada Post format...

Anyhoo, it made it.

It made it before October closed out.


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