Sunday, October 16, 2022

tried to spot a dot (St Thomas)

Popped outside wondering about Jupiter. Would I be able to see the shadow transit?

Spotted Earth's gibbous Moon to the east through the rustling yellow-leaved Maple.

Where was Jupiter?

I had to move the right-hand chair and stand near the south-east corner of the balcony. Thar she blows! Up high and over the roof of the building.

Despite protesting back muscles, I grabbed the ETX-tripod rig, with Zoom eyepiece, still installed from the last run.

Quickly tagged the gas giant. 

But the seeing was terrible!

Between tube currents, local seeing turbulence off the building's flat roof, and the sky itself, it was not a good view. Difficult to focus. Swimming.

I waited a for a few moments to catch a clear patch. Once, for a fraction of a second, I thought I saw a black dot. But I could not get another good steady glimpse.

It was cool (but not cold), still windy, I was standing and a bit shaky, left leg sore.  

My bed was calling... Forget this!


Checked SkyTools Visual Pro 4. It looks like the transit of Europa's tiny shadow was happening. While Europa was still over the face of the parent planet. Along with Io moving over the disc as well. And with Ganymede still in eclipse (it wouldn't emerge until 1 AM ish). Certainly I did not see all 4 Galilean moons...

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