Saturday, October 29, 2022

helped Dave with a double

Dave C reached out. Copied Melody H. And he shared a sketch from his notebook.

He had observed and drawn the double star HD 215812 (aka Σ2944) in Aquarius.

He said that he thought it was on the list for the RASC Double Stars observing certificate program but it turned out not to be.

It was in his SkySafari observing list which he thought was based on the official DS list. 

"Where did I go wrong?" Dave asked.

I explained it had been in an early edition. But, not, unfortunately, on the final official version.

I remarked that his sketch was quite good. He had tagged the B and C stars in the correction orientation from the primary. And his impressions of the colours sounded right.

Also shared a link to Stelle Doppie after learning that AB was a binary and it had tightened up in recent years.

He surmised he had transferred it from an old list. He lamented, "It was fun to do but I wished it counted!"

I replied. It'll count. Bonus marks!

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