Friday, October 28, 2022

calculated '23 X ops

With the data from the new Observer's Handbook, I ran my Lunar X calculator (in Excel).

Here are the opportunities for calendar year 2023 (for my location based in Ontario).

Lunar X table for 2023

Looks like a good year, this time.

Three good opportunities early in the year, Jan, Mar, and May. The Jan and Mar are particularly good with the Moon high up.

The Jul, Sep, and Nov dates might be good but the Moon is below the horizon at the peak time. Still the X may present well at the beginning of these events.

There are also daytime opportunities, particularly Apr, Jun, and Dec. 

Aug and Oct are no good: the Moon is well below the horizon.

Cross-checked in SkyTools and Stellarium.


Loaded into my online astronomy calendar.


Warning: these values may be off. Chris V reported different dates and times...

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