Sunday, October 23, 2022

collected another Rosette tile (Halifax)

Gettin' back on the horse...

A week or so ago, I reviewed "The Rosette Project" and submitted a couple of jobs (with "maxmoon" constraint) to the Burke-Gaffney Observatory in Halifax. Needed two more "tiles" in the mosaic.

This is my on-going effort at imaging all the Finest NGC catalogue objects. Now I imaged all of them some time ago but I reconsidered a few of the celestial sights that were big. There are tiny planetary nebulae and then huge wispy structures like the Veil Nebula covering large swaths of the sky.

For the Rosette (and its open cluster NGC 2244), I decided to capture 20 panels, 4 wide and 5 tall. I still needed two panels, on the right or western edge.

I did a review in August...

When I saw Clear Sky Alarm Clock notices for Halifax (with above average seeing predicted) I was hopeful. Found messages in the inbox in the morning! Yeh.

BGO imaged the north-west corner. All images captured with offset -120, 100 from star HIP 31130, the SBIG camera, 60 second subs, 10 subs stacked. All pre-processed with FITS Liberator 4 and MS Paint. North is up; east is left. 

Rosette region north-west corner in luminance


Rosette region north-west corner in hydrogen-alpha

Hydrogen filter. Hints of the H-II material visible in the bottom-left of the shot.

Rosette region north-west corner in ionised-oxygen

Oxygen filter. 

Another piece for the puzzle...

the Rosette mosaic plan

One more tile needed.

And then the hard work will begin...

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