Saturday, August 13, 2022

testing Remote Control

Been playing a bit with the Remote Control plugin in Stellarium.

Chris asked me about it. I thought I had used it but I was thinking of StellariumScope...

It is a neat tool. Using a browser and a special GUI (through the Stellarium API) one can remotely control the Stellarium application. The effect in the program is compelling as the interface is not activated. In other words, Stellarium is easily controlled without distracting mouse pointer movement, toolbars flying up or right, and no on-screen windows or dialogues.

main screen of the Remote Control plugin

It offers some extra things such as a 30-degree field.

Chris is attracted to this to silently run Stellarium in his portable dome.

I believe it was invented for this: professional planetarium use. Show the sky and celestial objects without distractions in the app.

I reminded Chris V that the "chrome" in Stellarium can be toggled off with the Ctrl-t keyboard shortcut.

I could see it also being useful in demos, what's up in the sky talks, EPO events, etc.

But, very unfortunately, the search function (Selection tab) does not seem to be working for me. (Stellarium server 0.22.2, Chrome 103, Edge 104, LAN or local.)

Chris and I tested in older versions—works. So it is a new/recent bug.

I reported the issue (number 2568) in GitHub...

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