Monday, August 01, 2022

reviewed Rosette captures

Back in November and December last year, I spent some time imaging the Rosette Nebula.

Didn't feel like blogging about it at the time. Those were some dark and stressful days...

Anyway, the plan was to get lots of frames to make a mosaic. 

The Rosette Nebula, also known as NGC 2237, is a member of the RASC Finest NGC list. I had first imaged it in January 2021 with a single frame but that didn't do it justice. The one frame showed but a tiny fraction of the fine celestial object.

The Rosette is huge! Wikipedia says the apparent dimension is 1.3 degrees.

mosaic planning for the Rosette Nebula

I did some early planning and testing in October and came to the conclusion that I'd need a 4 by 5 set to encompass the entire nebula. 

Reported some strange offset issues to the human at the Burke-Gaffney Observatory and things settled down after that.

Captured data on the following evenings:

  • 6 Nov '21
  • 9 Nov '21
  • 10 Nov '21
  • 11 Nov '21
  • 12 Nov '21
  • 15 Nov '21
  • 17 Nov '21
  • 21 Nov '21
  • 21 Dec '21
  • 23 Dec '21
  • 26 Dec '21
  • 27 Dec '21
  • 4 Jan '22
  • 21 Jan '22

For each panel, I requested luminance data, hydrogen-alpha, and ionised oxygen (for each, 60 seconds, 10 subexposures). All centred on the star HIP 31130.

incomplete Rosette Nebula mosaic in luminance

Overall, things went well. Good coverage and fair overlap of the frames.

But the seasonal window closed and I had two panels to collect. So, at that time, I shelved it for the near year...

The hard part will be the processing. Not my strong suit.


Created a reminder to resume work in mid-October.

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