Sunday, April 24, 2016

verified two cables needed

Did some research...

Read the Serial Control section of the Canon Camera Control product page at Astronomiser. Noted the statement that their special serial "cable should be used in conjunction with a USB cable (supplied with the [camera]) to use with software..." OK. So, two wires.

Stumbled across a thread in the O'Telescope forums. Noted a user describing how they could hook this up:
  • use a serial cable to control the mirror lock function
  • set the lock parameter on the camera
  • and use the usb for camera communication and data transport
Although, in the end, the user's camera did not support mirror lock-up at all.

Verified the 40D was supported in the camera table matrix.

Perhaps I had wired up the simple circuit wrong. Perhaps I had the camera configured wrong. Hmph.

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