Wednesday, April 27, 2016

delivered TSTM for May

Delivered my The Sky This Month presentation to the RASC Toronto Centre. This was held in the Burgundy Room of the North York Memorial Centre. We had some technical glitch at the beginning but the A/V guy on site rescued things with a backup projector. It was a decent crowd. I did not provide a paper handout this time (trying to go green) but did make my usual month-at-a-glance calendar.

The highlights for the next few weeks are:

  • 30 – astrophoto workshop at the DDO
  • 2 – dark sky observing window opens
  • 6 – new Moon
  • 9 – transit of Mercury, morning through mid-afternoon; events all around the GTA and on the Blue Mountains
  • 9-14 – Astronomy Week
  • 13 – Lunar X event
  • 16 – city observing window opens
  • 19 – fun in London, the RASC General Assembly +
  • 22 – opposition of Mars!
The notes are available on the RASC TC web site. They include some images, the calendar (as a PDF file), and two observing lists (in SkySafari and SkyTools formats)

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