Monday, April 18, 2016

captured the ISS part 1 (Blue Mountains)

And here's part 1 of 2. We started the video capture shortly after the ISS rose above the horizon. At first we didn't see anything but then it appeared at the edge of the full frame (extreme refraction?). I ditched a few hundred frames at the beginning. We had programmed the video capture for 5000 frames--which was clearly not enough. Ian quickly reset to grab more frames. Processed in PIPP.

Flyover of International Space Station on Sat 16 Apr 2016 around 8:40 PM EDT. Telescope: Celestron 14" SCT (f/11) atop Paramount ME driven by TheSky 6. Camera: Nikon D7100 DSLR with Backyard Nikon. Manually focused initially and automatically adjusted with Optec TCF-S. Video 1 of 2.

View part 2.

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