Monday, April 11, 2016

did a bunch

Did a bunch of things at the Carr Astronomical Observatory.

Delivered spare magnetic reed switches and hooks to hang bicycles. I found a couple of spare button touchkeys for the new supervisor key sets. I attempted debugging of the printer server but resolved that it was very dead; I then connected the Lexmark laser printer directly to computer. I verified hp multi-function model for the new toner kit.

Ian let me unbox, integrate, and test the Star Adventurer. That was fun. Lots of bits and bobs though. We agreed to arrange for a toolbox to keep everything organised. I photographed it in its two typical configurations. We discussed some additional parts needed. Also unboxed the Rigel finder but was disappointed that there were no batteries available. To be tested.... I reset many of the baseboard heaters upon Tony's request; he's still trying to debug the TOU issue. Changed the batteries in Davis weather station; set the time to DST. Photographed and documented the Kendrick SLA battery for Tony. Also grabbed the internet usage stats for Tony. Hauled some heavy gear with Ian.

After charging the mower battery in the house, Ian and I went to work in the garage. Happily we did not have too much trouble reinstalled the carburetor he had rebuilt. It's alive! Stargrazer lives! Although, it is running too fast. We still have to adjust the governor.

Over the weekend, Ian and I chatted about various things. The quasar project. FITS Liberator pre-processing. Showed him my NGC 3521 first cut. His astronomy tent.

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