Monday, April 11, 2016

downloaded 3607 data

Downloaded the FITS for images for NGC 3607, captured by the robot in Halifax. Took a quick look at the luminance... A big elliptical galaxy in Leo.

luminance frame by BGO of galaxy NGC 3607 and its neighbours

60 seconds by 10 subexposures. FITS Liberator. North is down; east is right.

Huh. It has a few neighbours! 3607 is dead centre, of course; NGC 3605 is the small oval above and left; NGC 3608 is the bright, large galaxy below; the very faint, edge-on galaxy down and left is MCG+03-29-018. Looks like all them, except for the last, are ellipticals.


On closer examination, I can also see LEDA 1544918. It is faint and small, near the top-right of the image near a pair of stars, almost perfectly inline.

I saw it before and SkyTools confirmed it. Near the bottom-right, there are two non-stellar objects. ST3P says the brighter, larger one is LEDA 1552800.

I think I see two quasars...

And to the west of MCG+03-29-018, it sure looks like there are a couple dozen very small faint galaxies! None of which are listed in SkyTools or Aladin.

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