Friday, April 29, 2016


Checked the most recent image from BGO for the region around Arrakis. Down from 10 to 2 seconds now...

mu Draconis region with luminance filter

North is up; east is left. Ugh. Weird artefacts! Almost like the mount was twisting or shaking. I wonder what the winds were like?

Can still see the dual diffraction spikes alluding to the two stars which is good. I'll try one second and hope for stable conditions.


Checked the conditions...

Weather. Nothing really unusual: temperature 0.9 °C, humidity 50 %, wind from the SW at 1.6 km/h, gusting to 11.3, pressure 1008 hPa. The wind did switch around to WNW. That's about a 90° change. Still, pretty minor.

Elevation details. At 2:39 AM local time: altitude: 75°; airmass: 1.0. Fantastic.

I wonder what happened...


Faster still, to 1 second.

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