Friday, April 29, 2016

imaged 4568 again (Halifax)

BGO acquired data on galaxy (er, galaxies) NGC 4567/4568. aka The Siamese Twins. Two interacting spiral galaxies. Much better (than the first run)!

dual galaxies NGC 4568 in luminance

60 seconds, 10 subexposures. North is up; east is left. FITS Liberator.


Tried to ID the stuff in the neighbourhood... Used SkyTools 3 Professional and Aladin/SIMBAD.

Top edge of frame, middle, north, looks like an edge-on spiral galaxy. That's NGC 4564.

Near the top edge, 11 o'clock position, north-north east, very small round object: ST3P says it is LEDA 165260.

9 o'clock, just past 2 bright stars, very small round. ST3P: LEDA 169627.

8:30, near star J123706.1+111124, faint oval - unknown.

7 o'clock, south, S-shape, distorted spiral, edge-on - IC 3578.

5 o'clock, north-east of GSC 00878-0701, round small - unknown.

4:30 o'clock, just west of J123610.9+110842, faint small oval - unknown.

Further beyond, another oval - unknown.

3 o'clock, due west, very small oval, distant spiral, edge-on - LEDA 169598.

2:30 o'clock, west, 2 round fuzzies. ST3P only notes the inner one - LEDA 1391211. SIMBAD tagged both. Inner - SDSS J123557.64+111619.8; outer - [WLH2009] J188.98801+11.2744.

2 o'clock, due south of bright star, oval with bright centre - LEDA 169592.

I think there are many more smaller, fainter galaxies. The Aladin viewer strongly supports this; curiously SIMBAD does not identify many.


Assembled in colour...

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