Saturday, April 23, 2016

looked for fuzzies (Halifax)

Examined the luminance frames from Wednesday night closely.

In the Silver Needle galaxy luminance shot, there's a very small fuzzy down and left from the main galaxy. In the quickly-put-together LRGB image, it is much more obvious (except it is now in the top left).

This is galaxy LEDA 139774, according to SkyTools 3 Pro. Actually, as I dive deep into the LRGB photograph, it looks like there's another object! Perhaps it is a face-on spiral with a small interacting companion...

Aladin refers to this as 2XMM J121651.9+375437, Seyfert 2 Galaxy. High-zoom images clearly show two spiral galaxies.

In the NGC 3877 luminance shot, I spotted two very small faint oval fuzzies at the left edge of the frame. These are LEDA galaxies 2300369 and 2300172. East of the big galaxy.

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