Friday, May 04, 2012

naked eye objects (Blue Mountains)

Limited viewing on the Friday night. In part, because the Moon was so bright. In part, that we didn't want to stay up too late, in preparation for the CAO spring work party, to start bright n' early Saturday... But we took in Venus, Mars, Saturn, naked eye.

Many of us noticed the contrails, long, some crossing the whole sky. That meant high humidity.

High wispy clouds.

Around 10:30 PM, when I was doing some grounds chores, I saw a very bright orange object heading due north. At first I thought it an Iridium. Very bright. I tracked it as it passed below Ursa Minor.

Later, with Steve's iPad, I checked for satellite flyovers. There was nothing obvious in Heavens Above.

What was that?!

Not great skies. It was tempting to view planets. But no one was interested... They wanted to watch a movie...


The Envisat went through 'round that time. It's covered in dark foil, almost copper in colour. But it normally does not get brighter than mag 2.5...

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