Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CAO follow up

Followed up with CAO and Finance teams. There seemed to be confusion about passes, new members, joining, etc. Things slipping through the cracks. Hopefully the new passes will help. But the supers need to ask for them. And the members need to bring them. Sent the conduit measurement to Tony. Told helpers of the successful construction and test of the Oberwerk solar filter. And updated the involved parties of the successful test of the NexStar 11" GPS. Asked Tom if he needed particulars for the property database. Updated the supervisors on various items. The fuel for the mowers. The recently emptied barbecue tank. The time-out issue on the Dell laptop. Reminded them to note the dining room computer and wifi passwords particularly because I was planning to remove the signage. And some info about the vacuums.

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