Saturday, May 19, 2012

approved the MODL 6 site

It suddenly occurred to me, dawned on me, that I was the "most senior" person on site. In terms of chain of command. Phil is a CAO supervisor, we ask him to regularly consult on CAO administration, is the database wrangler for the Centre now. Ian is a CAO supervisor, helps with education and outreach, a long-time member. Dietmar is a CAO supervisor, the CAO registrar, on the Centre finance committee. He's deeply involved in Centre and CAO operations. But I'm on the CAO committee. Dietmar is too, sorta, I guess. We're one notch down from Tony and Charles, the Carr Astronomical Observatory co-chairs. And it was clear to me now that the final decision about relocating Ian's MODL lot from the existing site 5 to new spot between MODL 1 and 2 rested on my shoulders. That it was to the north was non-trivial. Damn. Was broadsided by this. And had to put the serious hat on. Ian's reasoning I understood. I gathered Dietmar's and Phil's thoughts. Talked to Tony. And approved the new site.

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