Thursday, May 03, 2012

drafted an object info sheet

Started noodling on information provided at RASC star parties. I think it is silly that we don't have proper flyers about the Centre that we give out in volumes. And I think it a little strange we don't provide information about the objects viewed.

I think of all the questions we are peppered with at these outreach events (aside from "How much does that telescope cost?!"). And I've done enough events now to predict patterns: how far away is that object, how bright is it, how big is it, how do you know where to find it, is that double star a binary system, etc. I've been thinking about this for a while and decided to do something on my own. I'll prepare a draft for circulation to see if people like it.

The (long term) plan is to have attractive copies of an info sheet sheet for take-aways. And one stuck to the telescope. That one will serve as the Viewing Now banner... In colour?

I also need to make better use of SkyTools. To continue building a "master list" of crowd-pleasing targets for public events. To use effective filtering. And to use the recently made "Star Party" custom column layout. Which will be inserted in a plastic page protector and, again, stuck to the side of the 'scope.

Funny. I recalled Richard Saul Wurman's Information Anxiety. I should follow some of his maxims...

And finally I made a note to ensure that I have RASC brochures and to not count on others to provide them.

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