Saturday, May 26, 2012

so so observing (Blue Mountains)

After watching the 3 entertaining astro talks and hanging around for the quiz and price draws, I headed out to check the Geoff Brown Observatory. It was still set up for daytime use. I reconfigured the Celestron 14 and the Tele Vue 101 for night visual use.

I flew the Paramount for guests. Saturn was good; Mars—meh. Viewed Algieba and the Double-Double. Then M57, the Ring. Not great skies, unfortunately. Artash and Vikas really enjoyed the views.

Eric used the Nexstar 11 and reported it working OK.

I popped in on Ostap. He was still have Windows 7 problems. Sheesh.

Coached Sharmin on GBO shutdown. I think she enjoyed that.

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