Saturday, May 26, 2012

helped with prep

Forced myself up at around 10:00 AM. I was tired. Coffee, breakfast, grunt.

Then I started into some OHAP prep. Helped Dietmar start Stargrazer. Coached Steve on set up of MallinCam on the LCD. Set up the GBO for solar observing. Helped Niels a little with cleaning the GBO observatory. Swept the GBO warm room floor and walls. Swept the GBO patio. Wow. I felt sorry for the crew weeding deck, walks, and Observing Pad. Hard work. Brought out the big bins, the Oberwerk, for the birders. Printed and posted The Evening Sky Map. Took over after Tony, finished cutting the lawn, and then I cleaned Stargrazer. Showered. Revised then printed the OHAP schedule sheets. Posted the schedules about the place with the help of others. Showed Geoff the custom solar filter for the Oberwerk. Fired up the ATV using new battery and, after yielding to the farmer, went to Pluto.

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