Sunday, May 20, 2012

enjoying the eclipse (Blue Mountains)

8:19 PM. The eclipse started. Dietmar saw it first! Winner!

We took in the partial solar eclipse in, in a variety of ways. Lora snapped a shot.

Phil was viewing through his Coronado Polar Solar Telescope, Dietmar was trying out the (new, custom) solar filter on the Oberwerk 100mm binoculars, Kiron was projecting images onto paper with a weird small refractor and his binoculars, and Kevin was also viewing in a PST. Rolling up the sleeves... In the GBO behind, I had the MallinCam capturing video with the SolarMax on the Tele Vue, recording onto the computer, and displaying on the LCD. Millie's behind me squinting at the Sun.

We were also trying the complimentary Dunlap Institute eclipse glasses. And Phil and I were comparing our  welders glass viewers. We thought my two pieces combined slightly darker than his single. This made sense. I shared that Ralph thought the two-piece solution would have some light loss due to internal reflections.

Lora did not capture the Manuels in the photo. I don't know where S was at the moment but he did show up later and enjoyed the views. I think G was rushing about trying to find all his CCD camera gear... 

Skeena knows it is not safe to look directly at the Sun.

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