Saturday, May 19, 2012

made pier

Helped out Ian with setting his new concrete pier for his telescope. We had a good little crew: Ed T, Dietmar, Tim L, Phil C. Millie and Lora monitoring. Millie and Lora helping with concrete mixing and refreshments. Skeena supervising.

Having selected the site of MODL 6, we excavated a large hole.

And then quickly poured the cement.



Anonymous said...

I guess the continuous supply of water in the blue jugs and the bags of concrete just appeared on their own at MODL #6 while you menfolk toiled away???
Millie kept us all hydrated.
Just the facts sir..................

bla said...

My mistake. Thank you for all the help!

Anonymous said...

Yous welcome. Good timing on the correction - I was just about to let Bailey know!