Saturday, May 19, 2012

deciphered version numbers

Took me a little while to decipher the code... The Celestron NexStar versions.

The display on the hand controller, last night, when I checked the version information showed 2 rows of numbers, 3 on the top, 2 on the bottom:

2.2, 4.6, 4.6
1.0, 1.0


hand controller: 2.2
motor control - altitude: 4.6
motor control - azimuth: 4.6
GPS: 1.0
serial bus control: 1.0.

And then that means, sadly, the HC is dead-ended. The 2.2 version is not upgradeable. It has been superseded by different units, the HC 4.x, and then the HC NexStar+.

The latest HC is US $150 from OptCorp... Uh huh.

Asked Eric if it was worth updating...

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