Friday, May 18, 2012

settled in

Finally back at the CAO. And I started thinking about the evening plans...

Unpacked the new solder supplies and put them in the work room. White board markers and highlighters unpacked. Put some new markers on the whiteboard ledge. I wanted to repair, er, install, the north pilot light but got sidetracked. Put the eclipse glasses pack in the supervisors closet. For the transit of Venus.

Put the GBO closet glass in the warm room. Set about locating the framing pieces but could not find the long ones; only the short. It'd have to wait.

We helped Tony DS with his SkyShed POD. I put one of the clamshells in place. w00t! A major milestone.

It was a lovely day. I was starting to relax...

Except for the black flies. They were bad. Started up in the mid-afternoon. One bit my thumb! Little monster.

My garage camera at home sent me an email message. Hmm.

It was dinner time. I barbecued a steak. And it was yummy.

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