Saturday, May 26, 2012

brief observing (Blue Mountains)

A bunch of us, including Katrina and Justin, set up on the Observing Pad. Moon set around 12:30 AM.

1:01 AM. I viewed M83 in the NexStar 11 GPS (alt-az Go To). Barely detectable. But then, Messier 83 is a face-on spiral. And low. Very low. According to SkyTools, about 15° above the horizon. Almost 4 air masses...

1:24 AM. Viewed Messier 101 (M101). It was very faint. But large. I could see some stars in the middle.

To power the N11, I borrowed Steve's small lead-acid battery pack, not wanting to take the power supply away from the C14.

Helped Justin with Skytools... In particular, the location settings. If I remember correctly, he had the east-west longitude option set wrong. An easy mistake to make in ST.


Steve made a time lapse of us setting up on the Observing Pad.

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