Tuesday, February 08, 2011

wing nut

At last, I found stupid wingnuts for my stupid triangular tray for the Vixen wood tripod.

It was a dozen years ago when I lost one of the three wing nuts. Probably at a campground or in a field somewhere, in the dark, it went down in the grass. Now, it's a lump of rust. Incredibly, at the time, in my miscellaneous nuts and bolts jar I found a match. Well, close match. The threads worked while it was a bit different in size and cosmetics. It worked. That's what mattered.

It was a couple of years ago (probably more) that I lost the second wing nut. This time, all the wing nuts I tried from my collection of spares, none fit. I suspected the tripod was metric and my extras were Imperial. But I did find a regular hex nut that worked. Not convenient to use but I found if I attached it first I could turn the entire tray into it to tighten.

Today, while cutting some extra keys at Home De Pot, I found 10-32 wing nuts! Woo hoo!

I know, I know... small things...

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