Saturday, February 19, 2011

ISS pass captured (Blue Mountains)

5:45 PM. I set up for ISS pass. Was hoping to record it with Denis's occultation rig and camcorder. Could not use the flip mirror on the TV 'scope. Made focussing a challenge...

7:53 PM. Tony and I observed ISS pass. Attempted video recording with StellaCam3 but the image was rather small in TV101 with SC3 focal reducer. Low and short.

I forgot to properly activate the camcorder. Doh!

Meanwhile, Tony watched in C14 at low power. We could see detail, some shape.

He did an afocal shot!

Photo by Tony. Sony point-and-shoot. f/2.8 at 1 sec. ISO 320. Exp. comp. +2.

I removed the reducer but could not reach focus at all.

We forgot to observe the NanoSail a few minutes later.


Once again this shows that (assuming we have good, accurate TLE data) that the GBO telescope and mount work well.

I'm looking forward to getting some stills and video over the spring and summer.

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