Thursday, February 24, 2011

good read

I decided to test the MallinCam "green" cable, recently received.

Borrowed Denis's mini TV with its 12v CLA power cord and composite video cable. Also snagged one of his female-to-female RCA adapters. Grabbed my custom 120VAC-12VDC power supply. MallinCam Hyper Color, its BNC-RCA video cable, and power supply.

Hooked the camera to the monitor to verify signal. After setting the monitor to VIDEO 1 input and applying power to the camera, my mistyped title, from the summer, appeared on the screen.

There was a serial cable already attached to the back of John Smallberries. It terminated in a 25-pin male DB connector. I looked around for a female 25-to-male 9 to attach to the green cable. Unable to tag a simple adapter, I grabbed my old Laplink cable. Knowing it was wired for DTE termination, I located a null modem adapter. Plugged the crazy chain of cables and adapters together and launched the MallinCam Control program by Stephan. Tried a few things but nothing seemed to be working. Removed the null modem. No joy.

Crawled under the desk and discovered another link in the cable madness. Oh boy. This was very messy. Who knows what was connected to what. It was at this point that I realised the RS-485 adapter was but 9 pin. What gender I wondered. Ah ha! Female. It should bolt directly to the computer.

Tossed aside all the other cables and adapters. Hit the Read From button...

Yellow indicator. Joy!

Entered some text (in lower case no less) and pushed it into the camera. Red indicator. w00t! This is gonna make life so much easier...

Next step will be to test it with a serial-USB adapter.


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