Saturday, February 12, 2011

more errors spotted

I caught a couple more errors in the RASC 2011 Observer's Handbook. Submitted a note to Mr. Kelly. He just acknowledged them.

Actually, the first one was regarding the update on the website! The correction noted on page 156 should be applied to page 154.

The correction for page 223 doesn't seem to make sense. It seemed to be pointing to the wrong page as well. Patrick confirmed that it should be page 233.

Now to the handbook...

Page 300, in the Table of Coloured Double Stars, the row for 2 CVn, shows the A star as "Gb." I believed this should be "Gd" for gold colour (like the 24 Com a couple rows below).

Page 301, same Table, a minor layout issue for the next edition (and does not merit an entry on the web), eta Cas star has the VT designation in the Beauty column vs. the Diff. column.

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