Monday, February 07, 2011

no good deed

Steve downloaded and installed my Turn Left At Orion observing lists for SkyTools. He said, "Looks good."

Then he pointed out that I seemed to have triggered a little flame war on the SkyTools Yahoo!Group. Wow.

starhopper44 said "most of us are advanced" and have "more complex setups" and wouldn't use something like this. That got under the skin of a few.

Jim and Fred, Yahoo! members, pointed out that they have small 'scopes and are not using GOTO. Fred went on to say, "I appreciate lists like this."

Terry said to me that here was a good example of "no good deed goes unpunished."

Even Greg was shaking his head.


Unknown said...

I'm just catching up on a whole whack of emails tonight and came across the chain of email "flames". It's good to see the entire SkyTools community posting in support of your generous contribution to the listserv and slapping "starhopper44" down a few notches. I think SkyTools is even more valuable for beginner star-hopping astronomers because it has the ability to filter out the really tough objects thereby minimizing frustrations for beginners.

bla said...

Good point.

He needs to get off his high horse.

He confused Greg too...