Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturn and our Moon (Blue Mountains)

12:58 AM. Justed finished observing with Tony.

It was -9°C but felt like -16°C with the wind chill.

We viewed Saturn. C ring. Shadow on rings. Two moons nearby. Fairly good seeing. 18mm in C14. 3mm in TV101. Equatorial belt obvious. Could not see any mottling in the north hemisphere.

We viewed the Moon. With an adjustable polariser! I didn't know we had that! Spent time on Crisium. Picard and other large crater. Watch shadows lengthen. Enjoy the double peak complex in Langrenus.

Used Lunar Republic to ID the larger craters.

We were seeing down to 5 or 6 km craters.

Back to Saturn. 10mm in C14. Remarkably good.

Very clear! Horizon to horizon. The CSC was totally wrong.

Too bad the Moon was so bright.

Tony was cold and I was yawning.

The GBO roof continues to work flawlessly.

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