Friday, February 18, 2011

couldn't see the target (Blue Mountains)

Wanted to make a video recording of the (16) Psyche occultation. But the mag 12 star GSC 01275-1410 (aka 2UCAC 38564170) was so dim against the bright sky that I could not see it, visually, nor in the CCD camera view. It'd didn't help having the C14's aperture. It'd didn't help having the extremely accurate Paramount ME.

A few moments later, I could see stars on the monitor.

Maybe it's not a good idea to try for asteroid occultations when the Sun has just set...


The T-Point model for TheSky6 is off a little. Doesn't really matter for our visual astronomy activities. Perhaps we can refine it, or make a new one, that is much better. Then if I try a similar exercise, choosing a star without seeing it, I can trust that it will be in the field...


The opposite is not necessarily true, that is, if I am interested in an occultation near sunrise. In darkness, I can acquire the star. Assuming I have good tracking and the camera can detect the star then let the recording happening.

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