Tuesday, February 01, 2011

repairs and chores

Did a bunch of chores, some get-ahead tasks, and a wee bit of repair while at the RASC Toronto Centre Carr Astronomical Observatory.
  • installed a replacement door jamb in the upstairs bathroom
  • cut slots in the shelves for the weather station data cable
  • cleaned the supervisor's closet
  • inventoried my food supplies (properly this time)
  • photographed the Geoff Brown Observatory roof motor capacitor
  • measured various distances for the future dome installations and driveway extension
  • inspected the exteriors of the the garage, GBO, Tony Horvatin Observatory, and the house
  • gathered more data on the GBO roof contactor operation issue
  • reattached the loose magnetic sensor to the GBO door panel
  • repaired the weather station server: some weird login issue
  • fetched the MallinCam kit with AV-TV adapter
  • researched generator maintenance kit availability and pricing
  • installed updated LAN diagnostic documentation
  • obtained generator data: oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plug, maintenance schedule
  • obtained CAO site drawings
  • photographed the contactors in the GBO roof control panel
  • charged the ATV and mower 12 volt batteries with the (new) charger
  • checked the status of the generator: still green and yellow LEDs
  • verified the generator exercised on Saturday afternoon
  • adjusted all the baseboard heaters for 12°: some were off
  • inspected the library
  • inspected the interiors of the garage, GBO, THO, and the house
  • checked for water damage at the bottom of the stairs: none
Will be back soon, with the Horvatins, so I hope to make some progress on things like the GBO roof.

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