Sunday, February 06, 2011

Stellarium tutoring

Sharmin wanted to learn more about Stellarium. She plied me with food.

It was actually very synergistic. She was considering how to deliver a demo of Stellarium at an upcoming First Light session. And I wanted to refine my outline for a future course delivery. She used her MacBook; I used a Windoze box. It turned out very nicely.

She learned a bunch about the planetarium software. She got ideas about what to show (and not show) in the demo. And I developed a good sense of the timing and multi-platform issues.


Anonymous said...

Food slut!

SharminC said...

Thanks for your time and patience teaching me Stellarium; also for answering my questions about double stars and telescopes. All of this will really help at First Light sessions and for my own observing. I'm really happy! Thank you Blake!