Wednesday, May 31, 2023

the game is changing

I had been following the Axiom mission to the International Space Station.

Peggy Whitson at the reins. Good to see.

From Spaceflightnow, I skimmed the article on their return.

The most intriguing part was this was a commercial crew, a company, industry, doing work and science. 

Not a space agency.

Very interesting. A very interesting moment.

One of this little subtle, easily-overlooked, almost background thing. 

But there's a shift happening. 

Musk and his SpaceX activities are making headlines of course. And some of those missions are private companies, commercial endeavours.

It's happening.

With companies gaining direct access to low Earth orbit and beyond... something that was only in SF novels before.

It will drive rapid change.

It was get even more interesting...

A "new era," Rayyanah Barnawi said.

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