Wednesday, May 31, 2023

received a good prediction

Received another alert from CSAC.

I was really hoping for good conditions to support the Ceres job, for the RASC London Centre...

Would it get queued this evening?

Subject:  CSAC Alarm for 2023-05-31 22:00:00 at BGO - SMU
From:  "Clear Sky Alarm Clock" <>

Favorable observing conditions at Halifax
Based on your BGO - SMU subscription.

Opportunities to observe at:  (Clouds/Trans/Seeing)
05-31 @ Hour 22 for 2 hours (0%/Above Ave./Good)
06-01 @ Hour 03 for 2 hours (0%/Above Ave./Good)
Come on!

(Was this factoring in smoke from fires?!)

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