Monday, May 29, 2023

delivered Backyard for all

The second go-round.

Version 2. Sorta.

Taught the Backyard course tonight.

Funny title.

I did not teach people how to use their back yard, no; I taught how to use the Backyard software, Backyard EOS and Backyard Nikon, from O'Telescope.

Tonight was different in that it was a blended session or inclusive or for people regardless of the camera body.

When I ran this course earlier this year, I only offered it for the Canon owner. But, thanks to Ian B, it was clear the course could work for either product. They are effectively identical.

Tonight's course was the revamped and revised material, slide deck, quick reference guide, for both.

Another big change was the "pre-work." To make more time in the class in the software, we moved a bunch of things into an informational document for the participants to review ahead of the class. Mostly camera settings to consider, such as, in-camera dark subtraction, or camera-back image review display turned off.

I think that worked.

False star functioned well. 

It felt good. 

Medium-sized group. Overall, it went well. I ran a little long but I don't think anyone minded.

Some interesting issues and observations and questions came up, many to do with the Nikon camera. For example, it was noted that the white balance datum is not passed from the camera into Backyard. This is a limitation of the SDK unfortunately.

So, I've a bit of homework to do.

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