Friday, May 05, 2023

learned of new ED

The Board of Directors for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada issued an announcement to members today.

"Meet our new Executive Director"

They informed us that they have engaged Jenna Hinds. Of course, she worked with RASC for about 3 years so is very familiar with the people, the operations overall, the dynamics, our main goals. It is safe to assume she worked very closely with the past ED so saw much of what was involved in the job. Intriguingly, her official role previously was Outreach Coordinator but she did way more than that. I would think that board experience might come in handy.

They said they hope she can allow RASC to "survive and thrive." 

We need to do some pretty significant recovery first. 

I liaised quite a lot with the previous ED; I presume that will continue. 

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