Monday, May 08, 2023

reviewed Weekly

RASC Weekly went out. 

It included my requested 3 items for the Stellarium training.

However there was a typo. At least one. On the time zone. So not ideal.

But it also looked like the notification text was different.

Which just further supports they are not copying and pasting. Just copy-paste what I send. And they are making some decisions about the content. But without any checks or an official proof-read/review by the training team. I am regularly surprised.

I also don't like that the link goes straight to the registration form. People have no information about availability through this direct path, though it is fast or immediate. I do feel it throws some off as their expectations are quickly not met. But not a deal-breaker.

All this is so ironic.

It is the purview of the Communications department of RASC.

But the communication channel between Software Training and Comm is not working correctly. Static. Noise. Distortion.




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